• Syed Jazib Ali

A talk to Remember

"I took up the arms as there was no other option left for us, yes I was young and hot-headed as most of you kids are". 

Abdul Rashid Zargar whom I met on my visit to a border area of Jammu and Kashmir is a very known person of his town. Zargar is the sarpanch of his village, owns a jewelry shop in his town and also acts as a reporter for a local Urdu daily. He lives a normal life spending most of his time caring about his family and their future.

His past as an Ex-militant and his strong and deep voice made me loose myself in his words and compelled me to hear his side of his story. The story that justifies his past was no different from any other story of Kashmiri rebels.

In his young age the rebellion was at peak and the stories of the acting governor Jagmohan was just like some other ruthless Emperor spreading into the remotest corners of the valley. " We took up the arms as there seemed no other option left for us as we were the hot headed rebellious youth" quoted Zargar. In those days crossing LOC(Line Of Control) was not something out of the box. Youth crossing border and heading over to pakistan for arms training was a common lore at that time. Zargar also was among the stories, the short heighted man who crossed the border and came back as a trained and armed rebel. With passage of time there were a series of incidents which helped him in making his mind to surrender. Now decades have passed and he is living a very normal life in his town where he is now a respectable person of the society. His message was clear in our conversation that no person would like to spend his life without peace and full of violence.It is the situation and conditions which compells a person to take desperate measures in desperate times.


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